About us

Pelagic Seafood Sweden AB was started in 2020 and is a future company in seafood! We want to take advantage of the fish's raw material that today goes to industrial production, and instead produce seafood products that you as a consumer can enjoy. Herring, which is a very good fish to make products from, is both climate-smart and environmentally friendly.

The CO2 footprint of herring is minimal, only 0.8 Co2e / kg, compared to beef which is 28 Co2e / kg (salmon 6.1 Co2e / kg)

We at Pelagic Seafood Sweden have done tests together with the Swedish Board of Agriculture in schools, where 75% of the children want to eat our herring products in front of other fish dishes at school! Children are our future and it is important what they eat. Research shows such good results around herring as food. This is where we hope to be able to come in and make a difference in the seafood market, but above all to put herring, and other pelagic species as an everyday dish for young and old!

Quality assurance!

We at Pelagic Seafood Sweden only work with raw materials from sustainable fish stocks. All vessels that land their fish in factories we work with work on the basis of a sustainability code that is set within the framework of ICES recommendations.

The fish is prepared in a few hours in the factory and sent shortly afterwards to our production facility for processing, all within the course of a day. There we prepare and fry the seafood product, which is quickly cooled down to minus degrees and the vaccum is packaged.

We want our products to taste as fresh as you yourself have caught and prepared.